Discover The Role of “10xPURE” Patented Technology

Combined with CTFO Full Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Drops

  • “It’s not the cost of a bottle of CBD that matters, more importantly, it’s the amount of CBDA and CBD that enters your blood stream for delivery to the targeted area, that makes all the difference!

    CBD is created when the naturally occurring CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) is processed especially when heated during extraction. CBDA has been found to have more anti-inflammatory properties than CBD as it is a potent inhibitor of COX2 which is the same mode of action as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

    In early testing, “10xPURE” Supercharged CBD Oil has been shown to maintain and protect the integrity of CBDA, which has been shown to be more effective than CBD.

    No matter how good the quality of a product, without penetration and absorption of the key ingredients, you can end up with a wasteful application and reduced potency.

    “10xPURE” Supercharged CBD Oil is the most exciting new relief agent for those suffering from pain and inflammation, or if you just want to naturally detoxify. “10xPURE” is only available through CTFO!

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Changing The Future Outcome CBD: Testimonial

Prior to starting CBD oil, sleep was virtually non-existent.After using Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil for a couple of weeks, my joint pain and severe foot pain symptoms were all but gone. I can now sleep 6 hours consecutively! And if that weren’t good enough, then CTFO released 10xPure CBD Hemp Oils! I feel younger than I have in years!

Eliza Hall Customer